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1. What is J-Screenonline?

J-Screenonline is the information portal for today’s business and credit professional. Designed to provide access to millions of company & individual records and reports from multiple public sources within Japan and Korea, J-Screenonline is the means through which credit and business decisions may be confidently made everyday - based on verified, trusted and comprehensive background searches.

As North Asia’s information exchange, J-Screenonline is the portal through which international business decision-makers will be able to access real-time updated information and conduct due diligence searches, reports and financials on companies and business in Japan and Korea.

J-Screenonline delivers both data and analysis-based information tools for an extensive number of leading trading economies. Aside from its extensive coverage, the technology behind J-Screenonline is designed to give professionals that critical edge in access, accuracy and availability of information for their decision-making process.

J-Screenonline evaluates all genres of businesses from sole-proprietorships and partnerships to multi-national corporations and public listed companies. These companies are evaluated along their industry peers, utilizing both qualitative and quantitative information including financial data and industry ratios.

In summary, J-Screenonline is an online business tool that you can trust to maximize the value of data for strategic business decision-making.


2. Why J-Screenonline?

Well, it is simply information at your fingertips.

J-Screenonline is an innovative service enabling you to make critical decisions promptly. Data on companies and individuals is collated from reliable sources, analysed, researched and delivered in meaningful formats to facilitate prompt and confident decision-making.

The de-facto source for business information, enables you to access information online compiled from official sources and updated regularly.


3. Do I have to register to use J-Screenonline's features?

Yes, registration is required if you wish to purchase information from J-Screenonline. Registration is FREE for all users.

4. What if I've forgotten my login name?

If you have forgotten your login name password, please use Forget Login name to receive your password via email.

5. What if I've forgotten my password?

If you have forgotten your password, please use Forget Password to receive your password via email.


6. What makes J-Screenonline different from other business information providers?

J-Screenonline is the North Asian Information gateway offering comprehensive coverage of companies and individuals in Japan and KoreaThis means that you will have the most complete set of business, financial and adverse information all from one source.

In addition, the information in our database is constantly updated. Thus, you get the test corporate news and financial data.

7. Can I share the Credit Report, which I have purchased, with third parties?

The answer is No. The information provided in a Credit Report is confidential. The information is furnished in strict confidence at your request for your exclusive use as a basis for credit, marketing and other business decisions. It is your own purchased copy. As such, this information must not be communicated with external parties or the firm reported on. You may, however, disclose this information with employees who have a legitimate business need for the said information.



1. What browsers and Microsoft Office versions does J-Screenonline supports?

J-Screenonline works with Windows XP and Windows Vista operating systems.


J-Screenonline is best viewed / experienced with Internet Explorer 7.0 or above.

It is also best viewed with display font small and desktop area at 800 × 600 screen resolution. Go to <Control Panel>, select <Display>. Choose the <Settings> Tab and click on small fonts in the Font Size Box. Set the Desktop Area to 800 × 600 pixels.


2. Do I need to install any other application to support the reports available in J-Screenonline?

You need to install Acrobat Reader in order to be able to view the Financial Reports.

3. How do I make J-Screenonline my home page?

If you are using Internet Explorer 6.0, click on <TOOLS> on your web browser and select <Internet Options>. Under the <General> heading, type in in the Address field. Click on <OK>.


4. Who do I approach if I have technical difficulties?

If you encounter any technical difficulties on our site, please email us at immediately so that we can provide you with prompt assistance.

If you are using Internet Explorer 6.0, click on <TOOLS> on your web browser and select <Internet Options>. Under the <General> heading, type in in the Address field. Click on <OK>.


1. Will J-Screenonline disclose my personal information to external parties?

J-Screenonline is committed to protecting the security of our customers' transactions and maintaining the privacy of their personal information.

When you subscribe to J-Screenonline, you would need to provide us with basic information such as your full name and company name, residential or corporate address, telephone / facsimile numbers, email address, and your preferred method of payment. All required information, which we collect from you, is kept in-house. This information is used to process orders, and to operate and improve our services.

2. How will J-Screenonline protect my information? Are my online credit card transactions secure?

All information obtained from our valued members is stored on a secured server. Secure Socket Layer (SSL) is the encryption technology J-Screenonline uses to encrypt ALL payment and personal information transmitted between J-Screenonline and its users. In addition, ALL user passwords are encrypted in our database to provide MAXIMUM SECURITY. Additional verification procedures are implemented to protect Corporate Members because passwords could be shared among staff.

J-Screenonline is constantly striving to implement the latest security technologies in order to provide you with the maximum security.

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